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Iden3 Docs

Welcome to the documentation site of the Iden3 project, future-proof tech stack for self-sovereign identity.

Versatility of applications

The main idea of the iden3 protocol is that each identity is self-soverign and can issue claims on another identity (which can be for an individual, an organisation or a system/machine).

This simple and unique characteristics can lead to creation complex adaptive systems and the following use cases:

  • Decentralised trust models / web-of-trust
  • Decentralised ID verification / proof-of-personhood
  • Decentralised voting systems
  • Interaction with DeFi / dApps / Web3
  • Decentralised payment identifiers
  • Private access control
  • Authentication and authorisation
  • Signing documents and private messaging
  • Supply chain and IoT
  • NFT ownership

Iden3 protocol libraries

  • Crypto library (go-iden3-crypto)
    Implementation of Poseidon hash and Baby JubJub Eliptic curve

  • Merkle tree sql library (go-merkletree-sql)
    Implementation of Sparse Merkle tree

  • Core library (go-iden3-core)
    Identity core primitives

  • Circuits (circuits)
    Identity circuits

  • Go-circuits (go-circuits)
    Library for transformation go-core primitives to json inputs for identity circuits

  • Prover server (prover-server)
    Wrapper on snarkjs for ZK proof generation

  • Authorization library (go-iden3-auth)
    Library for authentication with zkp verification (edited)