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Each identity has a unique identifier. ID is:

  • Permanent: it remains the same for the entire existence of an identity.
  • Unique: No two identities can have the same ID.

The ID is deterministically calculated from the Genesis State.

Retrieve the Identifier ID

package main

import (

core ""

// Retrieve ID
func main() {

    id, _ := core.IdGenesisFromIdenState(core.TypeDefault, state.BigInt())

    fmt.Println("ID:", id)


Here is what the output would look like:


Hereafter, this identity is represented as a mapping: ID => IdS. This gets published, together with all other identities, inside the identities mapping, which is part of the State.sol contract. While the ID remains constant, the Identity State will get updated as soon as the identity adds or revokes claims in its trees.

No Personal Identifiable Information (PPI) is stored on-chain. From the IdS is impossible to retrieve any information (represented as claim) stored inside the Identity Claims Tree

The Identity State hasn't been published on-chain yet as claims haven't been issued yet. This is the subject of the next section.

The executable code can be found here