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Signature Claim Issuance

To issue a claim by signing it, the only thing needed is access to your Baby Jubjub private key.

1.Retrieve hash of Claim's Index and hash of Claim's Value

Starting from the Generic Claim previously created the first step we first need to extract the hash of its index and the hash of its value

claimIndex, claimValue := claim.RawSlots()
indexHash, _ := poseidon.Hash(core.ElemBytesToInts(claimIndex[:]))
valueHash, _ := poseidon.Hash(core.ElemBytesToInts(claimValue[:]))

2.Hash the indexHash and the valueHash together and sign it

// Poseidon Hash the indexHash and the valueHash together to get the claimHash
claimHash, _ := merkletree.HashElems(indexHash, valueHash)

// Sign the claimHash with the private key of the issuer
claimSignature := babyJubjubPrivKey.SignPoseidon(claimHash.BigInt())

The executable code can be found here