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The first part of the tutorial walks you through the core components of Iden3 protocol necessary to initiate an identity and design claims:

Having understood the primitives you will be then able to start issuing claims.

The tutorial follows a cascade strucuture: each step relies on the data and code snippets generated in the previous ones. The full executable code can be found here

Iden3 Go Core Libraries

  • Go Iden3 core - Identity core primitives
  • Go Iden3 crypto - Implementation of Poseidon hash and Baby JubJub Elliptic curve
  • Go Merkletree sql - Implementation of Sparse Merkle tree
  • Go circuits - A library for transforming the go-core primitives to json inputs for identity circuits

Other useful resources

  • Circom2 - A compiler written in Rust for compiling circuits written in the Circom language
  • SnarkJS - An npm package that contains APIs to generate and validate zk proofs generated by Circom
  • GoLang Intro - Recommended if you are not proficient with GoLang